St. Louis-based Yield Lab to open Ireland incubator with plans for more global locations

Bioscience Posted 10-02-2016

The Yield Lab, a St. Louis-based food and ag tech accelerator, is planning to expand into Galway, Ireland
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St. Louis Startup Orion Genomics Aims to Disrupt the Palm Oil Industry

Bioscience Posted 08-03-2016

A St. Louis startup is on the brink of saving hundreds of thousands of acres of Malaysian rainforest, even while saving millions of dollars for companies that harvest palm oil in Malaysia — all thro [...] read more

St. Louis-based startup creating product to allow plants to grow without soil

Bioscience , Technology Posted 07-22-2016

A St. Louis-based startup company is working to create a product that will allow plants to grow in any environment without soil
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The Yield Lab Announces Launch Of The Yield Lab Galway

Bioscience , Ecosystem Posted 07-15-2016

The Yield Lab announced the launch of the Yield Lab Galway, a food and agriculture technology venture fund and business accelerator Friday from Galway, Ireland
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Agribusiness fund makes follow-on investment

Bioscience , Deal Flow Posted 07-04-2016

A $155 million St. Louis agribusiness fund has invested $2 million in an Oregon crop residue company for the second time to help fund an acquisition, according to a release
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Yield Lab sees competition in agtech space

Bioscience , Companies Posted 07-03-2016

The Yield Lab, the St. Louis-based agtech accelerator that launched in 2014, is seeing more competition from some of the world’s largest companies
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Cancer drug startup raises $5 million from investors

Bioscience , Deal Flow Posted 04-28-2016

Confluence Life Sciences, a startup that is developing new drugs to treat cancer and other inflammatory diseases, has raised $4.83 million from a group of investors, according to a filing with the Se [...] read more

Israeli tech company NRGene to open St. Louis office

Bioscience , Companies Posted 04-15-2016

Israeli tech company NRGene plans to open an office in the Cortex innovation district that will serve as its U.S. base of operations
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St. Louis drone startup ready to take off

Bioscience , Technology Posted 04-08-2016

In the 21st-century version of a land rush, more than 600 companies have received permission to fly drones over farm fields and collect agricultural data
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BioGenerator Company Accuronix Targets Pancreatic Cancer

Bioscience Posted 04-04-2016

Pancreatic Cancer causes 40,000 deaths each year, with available chemotherapy regimens providing only an average of 6-11 months survival. WashU-born company Accuronix, founded by Dr. William Hawkins a [...] read more